The Limited Edition.

Scarpe limited edition luca calzature milano

Starting from the best Italian raw materials we can produce in small amounts footwear high level and above made it once was. More and more people want to return to craftsmanship and made in Italy and that is why we wanted to produce a special line trying to interpret the needs of our customers while […]

Like every Autumn could not miss ….

Like every Autumn could not miss …. the dancers with Vibram soles made especially for this season. A classic Lucacalzature, leather upper, suede, patent leather, laminate and many other versions, but all with the rubber sole that allow these timeless footwear to have an important role in the Fall-Winter season. Our paperine an Italian product […]

Tech-Urban-Eco friendly-Made in Italy.

Shoes for woman Lucacalzature

Thanks to the balanced use of specific construction techniques,natural leather uppers and rubber soles in soft blend with anti shock effect,the superflex shoes reach an extraordinary level of comfort to allow the foot natural movement. The sole made in italy xl.the composition of the xl extralight soles is a nontoxic and low specific weight foam. […]